We produce precious Etna Doc wines within the Parco dell’Etna (Etna Park),
a magical environment and a treasure chest of extraordinary biodiversity, unique in the world.
This area was included as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

Wine Tour

The guided tour through our vineyard and winery is a complete journey between tradition and innovation. It is the best way to learn about Mount Etna’s terroir and history, as well as about our production philosophy.
All tastings proposals begin with a walk through our vineyards, where vines are densely planted on stony terraces and trained on the traditional “alberello” system, to our Palmento, the traditional cellar used in the region in the eighteenth century, made up of black lava stone basins where the grapes were crushed and processed to make and store wine.
Mythical place where we still vinify and age our wines today.
At the end of the tour visitors can choose between our tasting proposals, all paired with the tasting of our own production olive oil.


Wine Club

Wine Club Palmento Costanzo
born from the desire to bring people together
united by a passion for winefor the Etna area
and as many as they want discover and
experience the history of the company
and that of wine in harmony with nature.
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Etna Doc Red Wine, Etna Doc White Wine, Etna Doc Pink Wine
Etna Winery Palmento Costanzo.
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