Our Etna vineyards are located on the north side of Etna, between 650 and 780 meters above sea level in the Santo Spirito district, in the Village of Passopisciaro and the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia.
Here we farm about ten hectares of vineyards organically. The vines are arranged on a series of centuries-old terraces made of dry lava stones found in the immediate environment.
The soils of contrada Santo Spirito are recognized by many as the an important neighborhood within the DOC Etna. Our vines are planted in nutrient-rich, brown volcanic sands derived from the degradation of lava deposits.
In our vineyards there are pre-filossera vines that are grown in the form of a typical Etna alberello (small tree) supported by a chestnut tree. Our Etna Doc wines are all born here.