We produce wines from the indigenous wine grapes found on Mount Etna. All of our vines are trained in the ancient Etna alberello system. Each vine is worked and harvested manually.
Cultivation and winemaking are carried out entirely under organic conditions and with the support of the most modern vitivinicultural technologies.
All the wines produced by Palmento Costanzo are certified organic and we meet the legal and organoleptic expressions required for wines labeled with the prestigious Controlled Denomination of Origin Etna (D.O.C. Etna).
Age and Beauty
Palmento Costanzo offers distinctive lines from organic vineyards of different ages.
Our CRU Contrada Santo Spirito is the highest expression of our wines. Ruby red in color and elegant notes of small fruits, it has a rich and enveloping taste.

Scheda TecnicaContrada Santo Spirito

The wines in the “di Sei” line are made from alberelli vines aged between 80 and 120 years. The name, di Sei, recalls the classification number for Mount Etna in the scientific map of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Sei means Six.

Scheda TecnicaNero di Sei * Scheda TecnicaBianco di Sei

The Mofete line offers a jovial interpretation of Mount Etna wines. Here, we feature younger vines, ranging from five to 30 years of age. The name pays tribute to the last gaseous manifestations of lava thrown from Mount Etna during an eruption.

Scheda TecnicaMofete Rosso * Scheda TecnicaMofete Bianco * Scheda TecnicaMofete Rosato

All Palmento Costanzo wines are produced are labeled with the expression of Controlled Denomination of Origin Etna (D.O.C. Etna) and certified organic.