Prefillossera. A wine that takes us back in time when in the late 1800’s an invasion of the insect Phylloxera destroyed almost 70% of all vines in Europe. However, on Mount Etna some vines managed to resist and today they are more than 100 years old, giving birth to wines of great depth.

Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Rosso - PrefillosseraPrefillossera

Contrada Santo Spirito. Comes from a selection of our oldest vines located in Contrada Santo Spirito. It is the highest expression of our wines, it has a great depth that authentically communicates the pedoclimatic conditions as well as the historical and cultural traditions of the Northern slope of the volcano. The great pedoclimatic difference of the volcano and the many scents find expression in the different particles.

Scheda Tecnica | Vino Etna Doc - Contrada Santo Spirito Part. 464Particella 464     Scheda Tecnica | Vino Etna Doc - Contrada Santo SpiritoParticella 466       Scheda Tecnica | Vino Etna Doc - Contrada Santo Spirito Part. 468Particella 468

Di Sei. The wines in the Sei line are made from bush-trained vines, harvested manually, aged between 80 and 100 years. Its name recalls the classification number for Mount Etna in the scientific map of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Sei means Six.

Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Rosso - Nero di SeiNero di Sei  Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Bianco - Bianco di SeiBianco di Sei

Mofete. The Mofete line offers a jovial interpretation of Mount Etna wines. Here, we feature younger vines, ranging from 10 to 30 years of age. The name pays tribute to the last gaseous manifestations of lava thrown during an eruption.

Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Rosso - Mofete RossoMofete Rosso  Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Bianco - Mofete BiancoMofete Bianco  Data Sheet | Vino Etna Doc Rosato - Mofete RosatoMofete Rosato

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