All tasting itineraries include an introduction to the traditions and innovations behind Palmento Costanzo wines. A guided tour of the vineyards and the winery is included.
A walk through the vineyard gives us an opportunity to study the agronomic processes, and age-old practices still in use today. Walking among the indigenous grapevines of Mount Etna, trained in small alberelli and resting against chestnut poles, allows us a deeper understanding of Etna’s greatest traditions.
Our winemaking philosophy begins in the vineyard. From there, we continue our tour of the modern cellar, constructed entirely within the confines of an eighteenth century palmento, to explore the potential of bio-architecture and ancient traditions.
The tasting room overlooks the vineyards. It offers a relaxing place to study or simply enjoy the wines. We have different tasting menus, with and without food.
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