Etna wine Harvest 2017: history and surprises between ancient vineyards

The harvest time on Etna comes to September and is expected to go through October.
This year it plays almost in advance because of the too hot summer. It already begins to feel in the air, gestures, and everyday words that is coming “something different”.
The routine leaves room for trepidation. Here is the prelude to harvest.

When the worry mingles with happiness. Just a moment and the sun can turn into rain too: for this reason, it is always on who goes and the vignerons’s eyes are always facing the sky.
And “a’ Muntagna”.

Yes, the volcano is so called by the Sicilians.

It is said that it’s only “She” (the Etna) who can stop the rain clouds, attracting them to her. “She” is a mother, imposing and immobile, who cares for her children: the vineyards. Ultracentenary saplings, bent in “strange” twisted forms, by Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto, wrapping themselves up to their chestnut pole. This is a bit their way, perhaps, of responding to the will of the man who “annoys” each year, molding it into living sculptures.

Still, the vines explode in their beauty during harvest: it is an emotion to see them even after harvesting, when they have all given themselves and poured on the black ground of the volcano, becoming an exciting polychromatic carpet. It is a portrait that has been painting for centuries, on land, with so much passion. The bunches go into the hands of those who saw them grow and mature over the months, then go to fill the baskets that men carry on their shoulders until the rally, on the edge of the field. Here, they are emptied into the cassettes to be carried inside the old palment. The work is interspersed with songs, smiles, and sighs: it marvels the generosity of this earth and the desire of man to remain faithful.

 Looking away from the fruit, one perceives how tradition and innovation can coexist, translating gestures into poetry. Not just grape, but humanity, sense of belonging and respect.

These are the values ​​that are added to the wine.
And they remain for an infinite time.